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Trainer Reports - Training Data
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Active Trainers: 781
» Trainings Attended in Core Competency Areas for Practitioners and Administrators
Core Competency Areas for Practitioners Amount
Child Growth and Development 2184
Responsive Interactions and Guidance 1685
Learning Environment, Planning Framework, Curriculum and Standards 2155
Supporting Skill Development 1706
Observation and Assessment 952
Diversity and Dual Language Learners 637
Family and Community Relationships 888
Health, Safety and Nutrition 1579
Professionalism and Ethics 1079
Child Development: Domains, Stages, and Milestones 113
Typical and Atypical Development 39
Children with Identified Special Needs 27
Influences on Development: Biology, Families, Environment, Culture, and Stress 71
Development Through Play 78
Relationships with Individual Children: Security, Warmth, and Responsiveness 99
Developmentally Appropriate Guidance: Supporting Social and Emotional Development 127
Development Through Play 72
Scaffolding and Communication‐Based Strategies: Supporting Cognitive and Language Development 43
Planning Framework: Environmental Design, Equipment, Materials, Routines, Schedules, and Learning Formats 155
Curriculum and Standards 87
Social and Emotional Development: Self‐Concept, Behavior Regulation, Emotional Control, Attention, and Social Skills 111
Language and Communication: Listening, Speaking, and Vocabulary 86
Emergent Literacy: Reading and Writing 63
Mathematics 48
Science 52
Social Studies 12
Creativity and Fine Arts 61
Technology 19
Physical Development 29
Observation, Assessment, and Documentation 43
Supporting Children with Special Needs 17
Program Assessment and Evaluation 27
Cultural Diversity and Equity 51
Supporting Dual Language Learners 35
Respect for Families 50
Relationships with Children and Families 78
Encouraging Parent Involvement 35
Positive Communication 64
Community Resources to Support Families 33
Community Collaboration 19
Knowledge of Regulations 56
Health 67
Environmental Safety 52
Nutrition 36
Ethical Standards and Professional Guidelines 40
Reflective Practices and Professional Growth 54
Professional Development Outlook 30
Collaborative Partnerships 9
Advancing the Status of Children and Families 6
Core Competency Areas for Administrators Amount
Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization 820
Business and Operations Management 662
Human Resource Leadership and Development 736
Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Environment 715
Implementing a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Environment 733
Instituting Family and Community-Centered Programming 470
Program Development 27
Program Operations and Administration 25
Program Evaluation 20
Business Practices 18
Financial Management 7
Facilities 10
Marketing and Public Relations 11
Personal and Professional Awareness 47
Human Relationships 41
Leadership and Support 59
Personnel Management 30
Knowledge and Enforcement of Regulations 28
Health 36
Safety 43
Nutrition 22
Curriculum and Design 78
Teaching Practices 93
Child Assessment 27
Learning Environment 85
Environmental Assessment 25
Positive Relationships with Families 65
Community Collaborations 25
» Conferences Attended
Conference Organizers Amount
Texas AEYC Annual Conference 1
Center in Houston for Infant Learning and Development 1
18th Annual Early Literacy Conference 1
2013 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference 1
2014 Texas Child Care Administrators conference 2
2015 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference 1
2016 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference 1
2017 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference 1
2018 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference 1
Appelbaum Training Institute 5
Applebaum Training Institute 1
Austin Association for the Education of Young Children (AAEYC) 19
AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination 1
Birth to Three Institute 6
Brazos Valley Workforce 3
Center in Houston for Infant Learning and Development 2
Children 2
Children's Learning Institute (CLI) 30
Conscious Discipline STAR Conference 1
Council on Occupational Education 2
Dallas Association for the Education of Young Children (DAEYC) 5
Early Childhood Methodist Conference 5
Education Service Center (ESC) 15
Educational First Steps 4
Effective Schools Project 2
Effeective Schools Project 1
Feldsman Tucker Leifer Fidell 1
Frog Street 6
Frog Street Press 2
Frog Street's Educational Conference 1
GCAEYC Infant and Toddler Confernece 1
Get Set For School 2
Goddard Systems 1
Greater Houston Christian Childcare Association 1
Harris County Department of Education 5
HCDE/ TSR/Council For Professional Recognition 4
Health and Human Service Commission 2
Hinge Brokers Kathy Ligon 6
Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children (HAEYC) 31
Infant and Early Childhood Conference 3
Jensen Learning Corporation 1
Kindergarten Teachers of Texas (KTOT) 1
Love & Logic Institute 1
McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership 1
NAEYC Annual 2015 11
NAEYC Annual 2016 16
NAEYC PDI 2016 14
NAEYC PLI 2017 4
National Title I Conference 1
Other 389
Region XI 1
San Antonio Association for the Education of Young Children (SAAEYC) 2
Second Baptist School Discovery Program 1
South by Southwest HS/EHS Conference Group 1
Step Up: Understanding and Implementing Racial Equity 4
Texas AEYC 27
Texas Association for Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (TACCRRA) 2
Texas Association for Infant Mental Health (TAIMH) 2
Texas Association for the Education of Young Children 4
Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (TAEYC) 57
Texas Association of Administrators and Supervisors of Programs for Young Children (TAASPYC) 2
Texas Early Childhood Learning Summit 6
Texas Education Agency 1
Texas Education Agency (TEA) 5
Texas Head Start Association (THSA) 13
Texas Licensed Child Care Association (TLCCA) 32
Texas Professional Child Care Association 8
Texas Professional Home Child Care Association 5
Texas Professional Home Child Care Associaton 7
Texas School Ready 10
Texas School Ready! Early Childhood Summer Institute 5
Texas School Ready! Early Childhood Summer Institute 2015 7
Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) 1
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) 39
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 1
TRS Regional Training 2
TSR Early Childhood Summer Institute 4
Tyler Association for the Education of Young Children (Tyler AEYC) 2
Washington Association of The Education of Young Children 2015 2
Workforce Solutions Capital Area 16
Workforce Solutions of Central Texas 1
» Trainings Attended in Core Competency Areas for Trainers
Core Competency Areas Amount
Adult Learning and Its Impact on Training Design 193
Training Methodology, Techniques, and Presentation Skills 155
Group Process Skills 64
Topic Selection and Training Preparation 102
Evaluation and Training Outcomes 76