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Texas Trainer Registry

The Texas Trainer Registry is a statewide system that approves early childhood trainers and their trainings. Trainers listed on the Texas Trainer Registry have gone through an approval process that is defined by a set of qualifications which include early childhood expertise and experience, and knowledge of adult learning theories and principles. The training approval process is linked to core competencies, principles of adult learning, and other standards, such as early learning guidelines. To locate a trainer listed on the Texas Trainer Registry or the trainings they offer, visit the Search Trainers/Trainings page.

For more information on the process of applying to be listed on the Texas Trainer Registry, please review the Orientation Presentation below.

Texas Trainer Registry Application Checklist
Texas Trainer Registry Educational Qualifications
Sample Training Proposal
Sample Instructional Plan
Training Proposal Score Sheet

To Begin Your Application

In order to begin the Texas Trainer Registry application process, the first step is to log in using your Google account. You must have a Google account in order to log in and begin the application. If you do not have a Google account, you will have the option to create one.

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System and the Texas Trainer Registry. There are currently two account types for the Texas Trainer Registry:

Non-Registered Trainer
Non-Registered Trainer accounts are for those who wish to use the Certificate Generation Tool for free. Non-Registered Trainers are NOT approved by TECPDS to train under Child Care Licensing’s Trainer Requirements. Non-Registered Trainers will have the option to continue to a Registered Trainer application at a later date if they choose to do so. Learn how you can make the most of your Non-Registered Trainer account on the Texas Trainer Registry.

Registered Trainer
The Registered Trainer account is the traditional Trainer account associated with TECPDS that requires the completion of a Texas Trainer application to determine your qualifications to provide trainings to child care providers across the state. Registered Trainers will receive a Trainer ID number which they will be able to provide on their certificate to show their approval to train under Child Care Licensing’s Trainer Requirements and are granted free use of the Certificate Generation Tool as well. This type of account is best for professional trainers, consultants, and others who are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in their practice. Learn how you can make the most of your Registered Trainer account on the Texas Trainer Registry.

to begin the
Application Process

Already Have an Account?

If you already have an account with the Texas Trainer Registry, click here to be directed the proper log in screen.