Event Title:  Trauma-Informed Early Education Classroom Design: Designing Child and Family-Friendly Spaces Event Type:  Webinar
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This webinar, part of the Trauma Solutions in Early Childhood Series, will be presented by trauma expert, Ileen Henderson. Ileen will describe the impact of trauma on young children, its effect on learning and child development and the importance of creating a space within your classroom, organization, office or lobby that supports children who have been impacted by trauma. With or without a budget, you can apply the principals of trauma-informed care to your program’s spaces to support children’s emotions and learning, respect of this challenging time in their lives, and support their development. With many years of experience in creating spaces for children in diverse settings for children who have experienced trauma, Ileen will help you think creatively about ways to include all the best early childhood principles and the latest in brain development theory into designing spaces where children find themselves during the aftermath of trauma and chronic stress.
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Start Date:  09/13/2017 Start Time:  02:00 PM
End Date:  09/13/2017 End Time:  03:30 PM