Event Title:  Blueprint for Healthy Brain Development Event Type:  Workshop
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Did you know the brain has a hierarchy for learning?  For an infant to sit up, pick up a toy or roll over, they learn in layers.  In this class, participants will explore how the human brain develops during infancy.  We will discuss the different milestones needed to avoid possible future delays in speech, social interaction, etc.  Participants will learn different training techniques and mediums to use to insure success. For registration information, please visit austinchapter-txaeyc.org/professional-development/training/
Organized by:  Austin Chapter of TXAEYC Contact Name:  Chinwe Onwujuba
Contact Email:  info@austinchapter-txaeyc.org Contact Phone Number:  512-215-8142
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Start Date:  01/26/2019 Start Time:  11:00 AM
End Date:  01/26/2019 End Time:  12:30 PM