Submitted by:  Kristin Drake Submission Date:  01/29/2019
Organization Name:  Therapeutic Learning Center and Daycare Job Title:  Assistant Teacher
Position Type:  Full Time Salary:  $18,720.00 Per Year
City:  Houston State:  TX
Contact Name:  Kristin Drake Contact Email:
Closing Date:  03/29/2019  
Job Description: 
&nbsp;1.Assistant teacher must be able to assist lead teacher with lesson plans and curriculum. 2. Assistant teacher needs to be efficient with time management and assist with overseeing children&rsquo;s activities throughout the day. 3. Assistant teacher needs to be dependable and reliable with the ability to switch shifts if needed. 4. This position will start part time for training, then adjusted to full time upon completion. 5. If needed, this position can be part time or full time as agreed after interview process.<br /> <br /> Note: other tasks to be discussed on an as needed basis.<br /> &nbsp;