Submitted by:  Kimberly Vaughn Submission Date:  02/04/2019
Organization Name:  Denton City County Day School Job Title:  Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
Position Type:  Full Time Salary: 
City:  Denton State:  TX
Contact Name:  Kim Vaughn Contact Email:
Closing Date:  05/31/2019  
Job Description: 
<u>Qualificatins</u><br /> <strong>CDA or Associates in Early Childhood Education or Early Childhood Development</strong><br /> &sect; OR Minimum of at least 15 semester hours of college credit with some emphasis in early child development or related subject<br /> At least 1 year experience working with children<br /> &sect; Patient and Flexible<br /> &sect; Basic computer proficiency<br /> &sect; Ability to frequently bend, stoop, squat, reach, lift and carry<br /> &sect; Ability to lift at least 50lbs<br /> &sect; Certification in CPR and First Aid preferred (can be obtained as part of hiring process)<br /> &sect; Food Handlers certification preferred (can be obtained as part of hiring process)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <u>Job Responsibilities</u><br /> The Assistant Teacher reports to the teacher(s) they support. Direction is also taken from the Director or Assistant Director. The Assistant is responsible for assisting the Pre-K Lead teacher in the general supervision and management of the children in and out of the classroom.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> As an Assistant Teacher, you must have a warm and friendly personality, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, be able to relate well to children and employees. Additionally you must be willing to fulfill the responsibilities in accordance with all Minimum Standards outlined by the TXDFPS, Texas Rising Star standards as well as with all DCCDS standards, policies and procedures.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Your specific duties will include:<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Discuss assigned duties with the Lead classroom teacher in order to coordinate instructional efforts.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Helps teachers prepare for lessons by getting materials ready or setting up equipment and supplies.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Supervises children in the classroom, on the playground, during arrival and dismissal.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Participates in the performance of daily classroom activities and duties required for the care and development of young children.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Provides the children with verbal praises and acceptance while providing clear and consistent expectations for the children&#39;s behavior.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Helps to maintain a clean, healthy, safe and orderly classroom and school. Notifies the office of equipment needing repair and any other safety concern.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &uml; Helps with the general housekeeping duties of the classroom; sanitizing tables; cleaning sensory areas; disinfecting classroom equipment and toys.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;&uml; Supports the teacher with upkeep of art supplies, making copies, cutting out projects, laminating.<br /> &uml; Serves as a substitute teacher in the lead teacher&rsquo;s absence, or works with a substitute, ensuring the daily routine remains intact.<br /> &uml; Sits and eat with children during meals served providing a model for good nutritional habits.<br /> &uml; Attends all staff meetings, trainings/workshops, and school events.<br /> &uml; Models acceptable social behavior<br /> &uml; Maintains positive communication and a professional attitude with children, their families, and staff members.<br /> &uml; Presents an overall professional personal appearance adhering to the guidelines offered in the employee policy and procedure manual.<br /> &uml; Maintain an open and effective communication with the Director and Assistant Director.<br /> &uml; Maintain all required certifications and professional development requirements.<br /> &uml; Maintain confidentiality regarding families, co-workers and self.<br /> &uml;&nbsp;Assists in other capacities as determined by the Director or Assistant Director.