Submitted by:  Caitlyn Bristow Submission Date:  03/05/2019
Organization Name:  Fred Moore Day Nursery School Job Title:  Child Care Floater
Position Type:  Part Time Salary: 
City:  Denton State:  TX
Contact Name:  Caitlyn Bristow Contact Email:
Closing Date:  05/01/2019  
Job Description: 
Must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED. Must have a clear FBI Background check. Preferred six months experience working with young children.<br /> <br /> Skills and Abilities:<br /> <br /> Effectively communicate with parents, children, co-workers, administrator, and board members in writing and verbally.<br /> Lift and carry at least 50 pounds<br /> Bend, Crawl, kneel, sit on the floor, and squat with ease<br /> Organize and keep classroom clean on a daily basis<br /> Work indoors and outdoors in conditions that include heat, cold, and constant noise<br /> Be flexible in job duties<br /> <br /> Interactions with students:<br /> <br /> Engage in frequent, positive interactions with all children<br /> Respect all the children<br /> Encourage language development in children through group times, songs, and daily reading.<br /> Treat all ethnic groups equally and provides equal opportunities for both sexes<br /> Use positive guidance techniques with no use of physical punishment<br /> Correct and redirect children firmly and calmly.<br /> Encourage pro-social behaviors among children<br /> Encourage children to talk about feelings and help children deal with anger or sadness<br /> Expectations for children are developmentally appropriate<br /> <br /> Curriculum:<br /> <br /> Maintain a well-organized, safe and attractive classroom environment conducive to the optimal growth and development of children.<br /> Makes modifications based on the needs of individual students.<br /> Provide a balance of indoor/outdoor, quiet/active, individual/small group/large group activates<br /> Responsible for the implementation of the classroom lesson plan or activity while teacher(s) are away.<br /> <br /> Professional Growth and Development:<br /> <br /> Participate in staff meetings, center activities, and staff development.<br /> Seek out, accept, and respond appropriately to feedback from supervisors and co-workers<br /> Use information provided in evaluations to improve performance<br /> Obtain CPR and first aid certification. Obtain 20 hours of continuing education each year.<br /> Adhere promptly to schedule and maintain good attendance. Provide adequate notification for an absence. A doctor&rsquo;s note may be required if absent for two or more days.<br /> <br /> Other:<br /> <br /> Must have knowledge of children in care at all times.<br /> Inform Lead teacher and support staff of incidents/accidents that occurred on that day<br /> Write incident/accident reports honestly, detailed, and in a timely manner.<br /> Keep the classroom clean and in an orderly manner.<br /> Perform other duties as assigned<br /> Responsible for assisting the teacher with the full implementation of Minimum Standards, TRS and NAC policies and procedures<br /> Must be prepared to have multiple room changes throughout the day.<br /> Administer medication to children. <ul> <li>Job Type: Part-time</li> </ul>