Submitted by:  Wendy Pyles Submission Date:  06/26/2019
Organization Name:  Cypress-Fairbank ISD - Early Learning Center Job Title:  Instructor
Position Type:  Salary:  $22,239.00 Per Year
City:  Houston State:  TX
Contact Name:  Nydia Stovall Contact Email:
Closing Date:  08/02/2019  
Job Description: 
Please apply here :&nbsp;;<br /> <br /> QUALIFICATIONS:<br /> <br /> 1.&nbsp; Must be at least 18 years of age; proof of high school graduation/GED equivalent required. Some college hours preferred.<br /> <br /> 2.&nbsp; Physically able to lift, carry, push, and pull up to 50 pounds.<br /> <br /> 3.&nbsp; Flexible &nbsp;and able to adjust daily routine or work schedule based on the needs of the children and the center.<br /> <br /> 4.&nbsp; Ability to instruct young learners and manage their behavior.<br /> <br /> 5.&nbsp; Strong organizational, communication (written and oral), and interpersonal skills.<br /> <br /> 6.&nbsp; Minimum of one-year successful experience in a state regulated child care facility or educational setting required, two years preferred.<br /> <br /> 7.&nbsp; Demonstrate a professional appearance and attitude.<br /> <br /> 8.&nbsp; Experience as a lead instructor preferred.<br /> <br /> 9.&nbsp; Knowledge of Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers and Early Childhood Education experience preferred.<br /> <br /> 10.Available occasional nights and weekends as required for scheduled meetings or trainings.<br /> <br /> 11.Competency on CFISD proficiency test (score of 70 or above on both parts).&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:&nbsp; 197 days<br /> <br /> SALARY/PAYGRADE: $22,239 &ndash; IP3<br /> Salary Range (based on experience) as set by the Board of Trustees for the school year 2019-2020<br /> <br /> ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:<br /> <br /> 1.&nbsp; Implement the daily schedule and lesson plans that fulfill the requirements of the department&rsquo;s curriculum program and adapt, as needed, based on the needs of individual learners.<br /> <br /> 2.&nbsp; Create a positive classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of young learners.<br /> <br /> 3.&nbsp; Utilize age appropriate strategies to manage the behavior of young learners in accordance with district and department policies and guidelines, as well as the Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers.<br /> <br /> 4.&nbsp; Supervise children in all programming areas.<br /> <br /> 5.&nbsp; Complete all necessary paperwork for communication with parents of the center and provide positive communication with parents, as appropriate.<br /> <br /> 6.&nbsp; Provide regular, on-going communication to the ELC Director.<br /> <br /> 7.&nbsp; Establish and maintain professional relationships and open communication with parents, children, colleagues, and community members.<br /> <br /> 8.&nbsp; Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills and meet the yearly training requirements as outlined in the Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers.<br /> <br /> 9.&nbsp; Comply with state, district and department regulations and policies pertaining to the role of an ELC Instructor.<br /> <br /> 10.Attend and participate in staff and department meetings, as required.<br /> <br /> 11.Assist in directing the work of aides and/or substitutes, if assigned.<br /> <br /> 12.Support the cleanliness of the center and sanitizing of all center supplies.<br /> <br /> 13.Assist children with physical needs and personal care, including feeding, bathroom needs, and personal hygiene.<br /> <br /> 14.Adhere to all Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers including participating in staff development activities to improve job-related skills and meeting the yearly training requirements.<br /> <br /> 15.Maintain confidentiality.<br /> <br /> 16.Provide quality customer service, including establishing and maintaining professional relationships and open communication with parents, children, colleagues, and community members.<br /> <br /> 17.Perform any and all other duties deemed necessary by the ELC Director, the Assistant Director of Community Programs or the Director of Community Programs.<br /> <br /> 18.Regular and reliable attendance is an essential job function.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> REQUIREMENTS:<br /> <br /> After submitting an application, ALL applicants must register online for the proficiency test and bring educational credentials the day of testing. To register, click on link below and go to Step 4.<br /> <br />;<br /> <br /> MENTAL DEMANDS/PHYSICAL DEMANDS/ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS:<br /> <br /> Posture:&nbsp;Prolonged standing; frequent kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting<br /> <br /> Motion:&nbsp;Frequent walking<br /> <br /> Lifting:&nbsp;Frequent light lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling (less than 15 pounds); occasional lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling up to 50 lbs.<br /> <br /> Environment:&nbsp;Work inside and outside, regular exposure to noise and the elements<br /> <br /> Mental Demands:&nbsp;Maintain emotional control under stress<br /> <br /> APPLICATION INFORMATION:<br /> <br /> Human Resources<br /> <br /> Phone: 281-897-4189<br /> <br /> E-mail:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Applications accepted year round<br /> <br /> Applying for this posting places your name in a pool of applicants who wish to be considered for a Instructor, Early Learning Center&nbsp;position&nbsp;as they become available in the district<br /> <br /> Applications will be reviewed however, Not all applicants will be interviewed.&nbsp;