Submitted by:  Kimberly Phillips Submission Date:  07/08/2019
Organization Name:  Gods Grace Community Church Dba Grace Christian School & Childcare Job Title:  Teacher & Teacher Assistant Full Time and Part- Time
Position Type:  Full Time Salary: 
City:  Houston State:  TX
Contact Name:  Kimberly Phillips Contact Email:
Closing Date:  09/30/2019  
Job Description: 
We are looking to grow and expand our program here at Gods Grace Community DBA Grace Christian School. We are seeking dependable caregivers with experience for ages 18 months thru 12 yrs. of age.<br /> Must be 18 years and/or older. High School Diploma or GED. A valid Driver License/ID.<br /> Communication Skills<br /> Provide and maintain a structured and; safe environment for children.<br /> Experience and CDA or higher education, First Aid certificate would be preferred, but are not required to be hired.<br /> If interested, please pick up application at 1126 West Tidwell Rd Houston, Texas 77091.&nbsp;Additional questions contact us at 713.681.1883 or email